Artist: Yunho


"I have a new resolution. I want to make new memories with the fans so I hope the fans will continue to support us."

That’s what Yunho told a reporter the day he returned to the stage after recovering.

October 2006, a girl disguised as a fan gave Yunho a drink with super glue and after drinking it Yunho was hospitalized immediately. He almost died.

She said "I don’t like watching Yunho dance, that is why I want to hurt him."  

She almost killed him in an excruciating way. But he just … forgave her. 

He never seemed angry about it. Even though everyone was furious (especially Jaejoong and Heechul). He simply forgave her. He didn’t said he was sad, or that he was angry,or confused. He just went back to the fans, smiling and working hard. He just said he wanted to create new memories (happy memories) and love (the support) of fans. I know this story a long time, but be talking about it makes me cry (I’m crying now). He just wanted love of the fans. Many people from other fandons should ask themselves what really happened and why Cassies not talk about it. Do you have any idea how much it hurts? And how this is scary? Can you imagine if your brother or someone you love  so much had really been through it, how much it would be this painful? For me, Yunho is like a older brother, I love him like that. And he is so f*cking nice. Even if he has forgiven that crazy bitch, we’ll never get over that feeling. He never recovered from the trauma and fear… but the only thing he said when he came back to us were the words of that audio.

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tarantallegra → mythology elements (fire, ice, dark, mirror, shadow, air)

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Mr M. That’s what I call you, Mr M. Because everything I like starts with the letter M. Modigliani, Mozart, the Moon. And your name that forces me to feel so small. Min Woo. (x x)

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  just yunho feeding changmin some cream   |   

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Song: Jaejoong


I used to be a tone deaf when younger. I was bad at singing up to the 8th grade. Although I liked to sing and sang a lot, my friends made fun of me, because I coudn’t sing well. So I’d praticed a lot, and on 9th grade I went for an audition… obviously I failed at the first test.  And then joining a band for about a year, I’d praticed hard from then. Afterwards… I made it to the audition and now I’m a singer.

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